Alberto Gavazzi
Marco Ghilotti

Luigi Caccia Dominioni is among the most representative practitioners of the rich architectural heritage in Milan and Lombardy, a tradition that can traced back to a disciplined adherence to reality in which every architectural solution is firmly rooted in a stringent logic, the result of his careful and patient search for harmony between place, techniques and materials. His professional career has followed a consistent trajectory that seems to have established a connection between ‘Rationalist rigor’ and ‘organic’ freedom of expression without ever abandoning a constant attention for ‘pre-existing environmental factors’. This short Milanese itinerary, therefore, has been designed to touch on a few of the cornerstones of his work in the city with the aim of highlighting the distinctive individuality of his tireless study and practice in the field of design, which, having never been taught or consigned to theoretical writings, has instead been entrusted to the crystalisation of his built works. One can ascertain the essence of the profession’s craft in the projects, which exude a sense of “understatement and moderation” and the “respectful execution” that define his highly personal compositional calligraphy.