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Past present and future of the metropolis of Milan

This map is the product of an identification and analysis of the urban area of Milan found in the various sections of our Itinerari, Milano che cambia and Osservatorio Concorsi website. It provides a record of the past, present and future dynamics of the designed and constructed urban fabric which contributes to create an identity of the metropolis of Milan.

From the heroic Modern past, an internationally acknowledged identity documented in Itinerari del '900, to the present characterised by the intense regeneration of many parts of the city which have emerged from abandoned industrial areas and have undergone a profound transformation, with all those problems implicated in their management which are detailed in Milano che cambia, to a forecast of what is to come and an effort to understand which directions these scenarios might take, in the planning specifications of Osservatorio Concorsi.

This overall view seeks to provide evidence of and a testament to the past, present and future of our city, prophesied by Persico as long ago as 1935:

"For a century the history of art in Europe has not just been a series of particular actions and reactions but a movement of the collective conscience. Acknowledging this means recognising the contribution of contemporary architecture. And it is of little matter if this precondition is rejected by those who should defend it or betrayed by those who are pointlessly fearful of it. It stirs in any case the secret faith of the age. The substance of things hoped for"

Francesco de Agostini

The identity of the metropolis of Milan is reconstructed by means of painstaking research into the past, present and future dynamics of the designed and constructed urban fabric.

Indeed, it is here that the sections of our website Itinerari di architettura / Architectural Walks (past), Milano che cambia (present) e Osservatorio concorsi (future scenarios) flow into one.

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