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Baffa Rivolta Award 2019

Baffa Rivolta Award 2019: FAQ

We publish the questions and answers of the first phase of the seventh edition of the Prize focus on best social housing projects built in Europe in recent years.

1) How should it be calculated in the construction cost?
Answer: The whole cost bear by the constructor. Including foundations, all structures and building works (both over and underground), internal and external finishes and external works. Excluding the buying cost of the site and these due to any environment reclamation.

2) If in a single project there are two or more promoters the assignment rules can be different. Should both be indicated in the entry form?
Answer: It is possible to specify

3) What is a diagram of the urban context? A large-scale plan?
Answer: It is a free scheme, both of scale and format. It can be a sketch, a plan or other, as long as it contextualises the intervention.

4) What is a housing types diagrams? A large-scale plan with the types of buildings for example?
Answer: Housing types diagrams are schemes to show different typologies. A large-scale layout with the types could also work.

5) What it means “Community accompaniment in the life of the building”?
Answer: It means a form of introduction of the inhabitants into the project, for example by organizing collective moments. 

6) Regarding the compilation of the application form, in particular at point H- documentation to be uploaded, as regards the graphic drawings in pdf format (plans of all the building plans, plans of the present types, significant sections), it is possible to upload a single pdf file containing all the documents, single pdf files or a pdf file containing multiple pages?
Answer: Yes, it is possible.