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Baffa Rivolta Award 2017

And the winner is...

On December the 4th 2017, the Jury of the Matilde Baffa Ugo Rivolta European Architecture Award 2017 met to analyze the projects submitted for the second phase. With this edition, the Baffa-Rivolta Award identifies, rewards and disseminates the best social housing projects delivered between January 2012 and December 2016 from 28 different countries of the European Community and Switzerland. This sixth edition gathered 20 projects (5 from Austria, 2 from Denmark, 2 from France, 1 from Germany, 4 from Italy, 1 from Luxembourg, 3 from Portugal, 2 from Switzerland ),13 of whom passed to the second and last phase.

From the left to right the Jurt members: Massimo Bricocoli, Laura Montedoro, Fabio Lepratto, David Lorente IbáñezDick Van Gameren, Camillo Magni.

The Winner of the 2017 edition is the Swiss project "Haus A" by Duplex Architekten (18b), a residencial building built within Hunziker area in ​​Zurich; the studio also designed the district masterplan. 

The jury, composed by David Lorente Ibáñez, Harquitectes (Spain), Dick Van Gameren (The Netherlands), Massimo Bricocoli (Italy), Camillo Magni (Italy) and Mauro Galantino (Italy) and the two substitute members Laura Montedoro (Italy), Fabio Lepratto (Italy), awarded the project for "the typological experimentation and the convincing scale, spatial and architectural articulation of the masterplan. The research on the floorplan is remarkable and it missing in most of the other competition entries. The combination of small private but independent units with very generous collective spaces introduces new typological figures that can cater for many different social groups in our contemporary society. The parallel between the urban masterplan and the floorplan is striking in the way shared and private spaces at different scales are brought together. The articulation of the private and collective interior spaces in the façades is restrained, and has a strong domestic character, befitting the dense urban context".

Thanks to its project Duplex Architekten wins € 10,000.00 and the opportunity of being part of the jury of the next edition 2019.

The cluster apartments of Haus A represent a new model of residential sharing community, with its large common area (living and kitchen areas) and the subdivision of the sleeping areas, each with its own bathroom.
The apartments, which do not include living areas or kitchen (if not a 'kitchenette' for the most immediate needs), are small and arranged as satellites in the portion of the floor (400 square meters), and host between 10 and 12 people. Living areas, kitchens and spaces for lunch, freely arranged on the floor, have generous dimensions. Each floor also has a shared laundry room. The housing units also provide for the residence of elderly and disabled people, with special measures. Particular attention was given to the issue of containing energy consumption in the building.

Project information:
Address: Dialogweg 6, 8050 Zurich, Switzerland
Gross Floor Area (GFA): 6.883 mq
Usable floor space: 4.352 mq (3.973 mq living – 415 mq commercial).
6 floors
Apartments: 11 ‘Cluster Flats’ (ca. 400 mq/ap, 10-12 people/ap).

Panels of the winning project:

The Jury assigned also three MENTIONS

Mention for the research and technical and constructive innovation: 15 - MAGISTERPARKEN by C.F. MØLLER ARCHITECTS (Denmark)
The project gives convincing answer to the urgent question of how to improve the quality of the existing post-war housing stock. Besides improving the technical quality of the building, renewing the outer skin and adapting it to the specific climate conditions. It also introduces a very high spatial interior quality by radically redesigning the apartments lay-out.

Mention for the typological experimentation: 4 - LIVE-WORK COMPLEX KALKBREITE, di MÜLLER SIGRIST ARCHITEKTEN AG (Switzerland)
The project introduces an extreme mix of different housing typologies, public amenities and infrastructures. The way the project deals with the complexities of the site, by introducing an even more complex functional program, and adding new publicly accessible spaces is very inspiring. 

Special Mention for the development of a very strong social program: 2 - LIVING TOGETHER by FRÖETSCHER LICHTENWAGNER (Austria)
The social program is related to the surrounding space and neighborhood. The project is convincingly integrating public, collective and private space. It is generous towards its surroundings and its inhabitants, with clearly limited and sober means.

At the 6th edition partecipated a total of 250 projects from 19 countries.

2017 Duplex Architekten, Switzerland
2015 HArquitectes+DataAE, Spain
2013 Atelier Kempe Thill, The Netherlands
2011 Zanderroth Architekten, Germany
2009 Kis Péter Épìtészmuterme, Hungary
2007 Guillermo Vàsquez Consuegra, Spagna


Comunicato stampa .PDF

"Haus A" by Duplex Architekten. Photo Johannes Marburg "Haus A" by Duplex Architekten. Floor plan "Haus A" by Duplex Architekten. Section "Haus A" by Duplex Architekten. Model "Haus A" by Duplex Architekten. Photo Johannes Marburg "Haus A" by Duplex Architekten. Photo Duplex Architekten "Haus A" by Duplex Architekten. Photo Johannes Marburg "Haus A" by Duplex Architekten. Photo Johannes Marburg "Haus A" by Duplex Architekten. Photo Johannes Marburg Living together, Fröetscher Lichtenwagner Live-work complex Kalkbreite, Müller Sigrist Architekten AG Magisterparken, C.F. Møller Architects