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Award > Matilde Baffa Ugo Rivolta European Architecture Award


The new edition of the Award confirms the idea of bringing the finest social building designs constructed in Europe over the last five years to the attention of a wider public. It likewise confirms its intention of becoming an international point of reference for research and debate in this area, highlighting the importance of the overall quality of the constructed environment and the sustainability of architectural design.

The projects that can be entered must to be built, ended and consigned between January 2014 and December 2018 in any of the 28 nations in the European Community and Switzerland. Social housing means residential buildings pro­moted by public or private institutions, with specific access regulations and due to satisfy a demand for lodging wich cannot be satisfied by the free market.

The jury panel is composed of five full members and two substitute members.

1 Pascal Müller (Switzerland)
2 Monique Bosco-von Allmen (Switzerland)
3 Rossella Gotti (France)
4 Jens Kvorning (Denmark)
5 Laura Montedoro (Italy)

Substitute members:
6 Fabio Lepratto (Italy)
7 Marco Peverini (Italy)

Download the award notice hereFAQ qui.


Tuesday 30 July 2019 -  announcement and publication of award notice.
Monday 9 September - deadline for presentation of questions.
Friday 13 September - publication of answers.
Monday 30 September - deadline for submission of projects documentation stage one.
Thursday 24 October - publication of results of the stage one.
Friday 22 November - deadline for submission of projects documentation for final stage.
Tuesday 10 December 2019 - publication of the re­sults. 

1st October 2019 
At the 1° Stage we received 19 projects from 6 countries  >

24th October 2019
At 2°Stage passed 9 projects  >



Scientific board:
Renzo Bassani, Antonio Borghi, Valeria Bottelli, Massimo Bricocoli, Paola Delmonte, Marco Dettori, Peter Ebner, Carmen Espegel, Giordana Ferri, Mauro Galantino, Anna Kaestle, Péter Kis, David Lorente Ibáñez, Bart Lootsma, Alessandro Maggioni, Camillo Magni, Paolo Mazzoleni, Carlo Melograni, Massimiliano Monetti, Laura Montedoro, Luciano Niero, Orsina Simona Pierini, Anna Maria Pozzo, Giovanni Rivolta, Dan Schürch, Oliver Thill, Daniela Volpi, Guillermo Vàzquez Consuegra, Sascha Zander.

Scientific partner:
Unità di ricerca 2C Casa e Città –  Department of Architecture and Urban Studies - Politecnico di Milano 

With hte patronage of:

The Winner of the 2017 edition is the Swiss project "Haus A" by Duplex Architekten (18b).


List of winners
2017 Duplex Architekten, Switzerland
2015 HArquitectes+DataAE, Spain
2013 Atelier Kempe Thill, The Netherlands
2011 Zanderroth Architekten, Germany
2009 Kis Péter Épìtészmuterme, Hungary
2007 Guillermo Vàsquez Consuegra, Spain




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