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numero di matricola 17338
indirizzo Viale Nino di Palma, 21 i CAMPI SALENTINA 73012 (Lecce) dati professionali >>

Piacenza Park Stadium

Anno 2008

Tipologia prevalente Edifici sportivi

Luogo Piacenza


The design of a Park-Stadium in Piacenza aims to be a new integrated infrastructure that houses collective and public functions, which are not supported by multifunctional sport arenas generally. 
The project derives from a comparison between internationally developed theories and a number of case histories of recently realized, or only designed, stadia. From this, a new project gives rise, where the morphology of a classical stadium changes from an enclosed palisade to a platform opened toward the landscape; the result is an organism that can be both hybrid and porous, either safe or vulnerable, both suspended and weightless.

The Park-stadium can be defined as “public” because it includes public institutions and services, such as the City Hall offices, the Italian Civil Protection Headquarters and the Piacenza Calcio Club; besides, it houses a multifunctional sport hall, a bus terminal and car park, as well as some commercial, catering and welcome areas. 

It can also be defined “open” because the stands bowl becomes integral part of the landscape, while the roof acquires the new entity of an inhabited slab floating above the ground; this slab, on the one hand, includes office spaces in large and very flexible areas that open wide views on the landscape and on the city; on the other hand, it gives rise to an huge arcade, a kind of cloister connected with a new park next to the stadium. 

The natural park is located near the largest Piacenza park (Galleana park) so as to integrate with the existent green areas. 

The new relation between open and built spaces creates a new public hybrid space, where functionality, safety and logistics (common stadium properties) are mixed with the typical public space needs. 

The Park_stadium morphology is made out of macro elements dealing with three different spheres: an “underground sphere”, a “surface sphere” and an “aerial sphere”; 

The first one gives life to a sort of rizoma, comprising the supporter stands, the car-parks and the audience and player facilities. 

The second one may be described as an air cushion composed by a huge arcade overflowing into the bowl in several points, animated by two hanging footpaths connected with the Slab. 

The third one is constituted by a floating slab which, beside giving protection to the supporters, houses offices, restaurants and hospitality areas; the slab becomes also a photovoltaic power plant and a rain water collecting system, connected with the water-storage located in the rizoma. 

If the geometry of the bowl derives from the ancient roman amphitheater, the slab is conceived as a kind of city, with streets and blocks following the site orientation of the historical city center in Piacenza, which still keeps track of the ancient Roman city. 

The integration of several functions is achieved through the concept of “porosity” (visual, functional, programmatic, temporal and circulatory), ensuring a good degree of flexibility, so that the Park-Stadium can live during the whole week and not just on Sundays. 

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