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HQ Linkedin Madrid

Anno 2016

Committente Linkedin Madrid

Tipologia prevalente Edifici per uffici

Team di progetto Ilaria D'Alessandro, Julian Campos, Ilaria Stroppa, Michele Pini, Flavio Gilberto

Luogo Madrid


Project in collboration with Il Prisma Architecture

A global project, with local features and spaces designed from the culture and needs of people.

LinkedIn is identified as the environment (virtual) whereattitudes and personal skills can turn into excellence,either through research or the offer of better workingposition realizing in some cases the ambitions of the members, either by creating new contacts andpartnerships, and through the diffusion of culture andprofessional content, through endorsement or through online learning courses. The physical space that represents LinkedIn will be the physicalization of this concept.
The Spanish culture is a mix of tradition and innovation, where con-servative habits coexists with subversive way of thinking and working; a great mix shaken together with belonging, passion, pride and a pinch of... sun. The sun is the center of the Spanish culture, and thus the concept for the Madrid LinkedInoffice will be “The solar working system”. Thisconcept is based on this approach to life, philosophy and behavior.

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/consulta l'albo

/ricerca avanzata

(*) Elenco speciale dei docenti universitari a tempo pieno, previsto dalla Legge n. 382/1980 s.m.i.