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A2/3 office building in Kilometrorosso

Anno 2017

Committente SIO - Impresa Percassi

Tipologia prevalente Edifici per uffici

Team di progetto DIRECTION Francesco Iorio · Flavio Casati | TEAM Roberta Alberti · Serena Cosio · Alessandro Angelo Carlo Raineri · Nicolò Vignola

Luogo Bergamo - Italy


In the scenario of the Kilometrorosso of J. Nouvel the building A2/3 takes place, at the same time integrated into the conceptual

system of the recgnizable master plan, peculiar in its own way it is still able to attract the attention after the great surprise of the Red Wall. A research conducted starting from the layout of the urban planning to the latent elements of the agricultural landscape outside the sector: rows of trees, open views of the sunset, unsuspected perspectives.

The use of glass and other translucentmaterials that combine different effectsof transparency has been privileged; the result is a continuous and dilated perceptionof the green: the vegetation is reflected onthe facades of the buildings that become themselves a visual extension of the park.

Trying to overcome the mere "mirror" effect and combining reasons of economy and energy sustainability brought back to thesimplified volume of the parallelepiped.

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(*) Elenco speciale dei docenti universitari a tempo pieno, previsto dalla Legge n. 382/1980 s.m.i.